Ballin on a budget: how to get the most out of CBD

When exploring the use of cannabidiol (CBD), there are a few important factors to prioritize in order to get the most bang for your buck. Choosing CBD products can start off exciting and interesting. However, experimenting with various products can eventually become expensive, frustrating and confusing. Common initial decisions include dosage, type and flavor. These features are important, but the medicinal efficiency of CBD is impacted the most by the method of administration. Treats and pill capsules are an approachable method since edibles can taste great and pills keep you from tasting anything at all. But, despite the fun and oftentimes deliciousness of edibles, the effects are nowhere as fast or potent as when CBD is taken directly under the tongue.

The bioavailability, or how much of the medicine is needed in order to reach one’s circulation, in CBD is contingent on the method the substance is taken. CBD loves to cling to our fat, which actually leads to very little of it making it through to our blood stream when eaten. Vaping CBD can be a little hard on the lungs for those of us who aren’t used to smoking and may be inappropriate to use indoors. Luckily there are alternatives available if you are as impatient as I am about wanting to feel the effects of CBD. Tinctures with droppers, or even better, spray bottles (thanks fckCBD!) are the most efficient method of administering CBD for the quickest and most noticeable results.

We don’t need sweet treats to get to our sweet spot. Sublingual administration means taking medicine right under the tongue. The blood vessels underneath the tongue allow the substance to enter circulation without losing any to fat tissues or other cells. It’s a quick way to determine if your product is working like it’s supposed to. Although eating gummies can be a fun novelty, administering sublingual is a no brainer if efficiency is your priority. This method allows you to use less product for the same effect. Therefore we the consumer are able to more easily navigate how much substance our bodies need to achieve balance! The pre-measured spray bottle I use allows for a cleaner and quicker administration than using a dropper. I don’t have to try to get a dropper filled up to a tiny line every time, I just need to count the sprays! With my preferred product, fckCBD’s Natural Full Spectrum spray bottle, I usually give three sprays under my tongue three or four times a day. The inflammation in my joints is relieved within thirty minutes routinely. If you’ve been using CBD treats and pills, try fckCBD’s mint or citrus flavor spray bottles since they do a great job of masking the taste of hemp with natural flavors. Sweet spot: activated.

Furthermore, spray bottles are simply less messy. CBD oils are not the most flattering look to wear on your chin and cheeks. I consider myself relatively coordinated (just don’t watch my little league highlight reel,) but even so I’ve wasted plenty of CBD oil in my life missing the bottom of my tongue. Needless to say, all of these goofs are more embarrassing in public. A quick spray while walking in the park or entering the restaurant is natural, quick and not attention grabbing. Whipping out the dropper at the farmer’s market on the other hand requires both hands and is a bit more deviant, much less dribbling it down your neck. The spray bottle allows for even the most clumsy of former child athlete’s like myself to hit our mark – with just one hand.

As with any product being tried out in the early stages, it’s all about what feels right for you. If the slow and subtle effects of ingesting CBD relieve your symptoms nicely, then keep doing what you’re doing. There isn’t one right way to use CBD, just different degrees of effectiveness and bang for your buck. Administering sublingually simply allows for the quickest results with the most minimal amount of product being used. If you’re prone to spills or constantly on the go, give the easy fckCBD spray bottle a try! Healing is only a few sprays under the tongue away.

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