How I fit CBD in my THC Lifestyle

We all are familiar with silly hypothetical questions like: A gun is pointed at your head and you have to pick one! If someone gave you a million dollars what would you choose? This or that? Chocolate or vanilla? Coffee order? Pizza toppings? James Bond portrayals? Disney princesses? Most of us have a preference on at least one if not all of these categories. I’m probably an extreme example of someone with strong opinions (which has done just as much harm as it has done good for me so far in this life) so I’ve been making an effort lately to reconsider the pros and cons before jumping to any ironclad, set in stone conclusions. As I’ve eased out of my black and white habits of the past, I’ve spent a lot of time not only reconsidering my favorite Harry Potter film (Prisoner of Azkaban, still) but also some more critical aspects of my daily life such as exercise, diet, and most importantly; cannabinoids. 

As an avid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) user for the past several years, I had only thought of cannabidiol (CBD) as 2nd fiddle. Anything CBD could do, I felt THC could do better. However, after experimenting more, I was surprised to find that some of the subtle effects I sought when using THC were actually more efficiently achieved with the properties of CBD! I felt both my body and mind remedied without having to undergo the sometimes unnecessary effects of being “high” from THC. There is a balance to be achieved by involving both in your daily routines. 

First off, CBD is a big part of how I begin my day. Personally, the effects of THC are a little extreme for what I seek to pair with my morning coffee. To all the wake and bakers out there: I salute you, love you and am jealous of your ability -- but my daily routine gets derailed if I have a THC session a bit too early in the day. Thankfully, the effects of CBD are able to keep me at ease when I take the day head on. When it comes to my job, CBD allows me to feel comfortable while remaining in what I consider my necessary mental capacity to do certain tasks and communicate with my coworkers effectively. I also prefer CBD post workout. Since I usually exercise in the early afternoons, I include a few sprays of fckCBD to go along with the protein shakes. This helps reduce any inflammation I have going on and can help with recovery. Luckily the biggest needs my body have can be addressed with CBD. 

Another benefit to my increased CBD use is a subsequent decrease in my THC use. Thus my tolerance for THC has gone down substantially, allowing me to feel the effects at a much lower dose than prior to using CBD on the regular. This saves me money, keeps my lungs fresh, and offers a little variety in my daily routine. Lastly, I’m able to isolate the side effects of what each cannabinoid is doing and address the needs of my body and mind with more precision. The effects of THC are most enjoyable to me when used in moderation; CBD is useful in filling in the gaps.  

Context is key. When it comes to determining my body’s needs, the one size fits all approach does not work well for me. Imagine if every time you were thirsty you were given a fire hose. I love espresso but there are times when green tea will do just fine for the bump of caffeine I’m seeking. In other words, enjoying one form of cannabis is not mutually exclusive from enjoying another! When it comes to using cannabis, THC and CBD not only both have their uses, but they work in harmony together. If you were to offer me a million dollars to have to pick one, well, I might just not take the million.

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