CBD helps me sleep better

I’ve always been half impressed and half freaked out by those who don’t get much sleep. For me, it is non-negotiable to get at least seven or (preferably) eight hours of sleep each night. I typically need a short nap a few days a week too. Like most people, I perform noticeably worse in my day-to-day responsibilities when I’m sleep deprived. My attention span, ability to communicate, and creativity suffer when I skim on rest. As for the exercise aspect, forget about it! Weights feel heavier, miles take longer, and water can’t be consumed fast enough. Fortunately, my sleeping habits are easily remedied -- not with pills or even melatonin, but just a little dose of CBD. Simply put, CBD helps me sleep.

Anxiety and loosing sleep

This day and age there are a variety of reasons why going to sleep is more complicated than just putting your head to your pillow. There are many reasons that sleeping habits can suffer, such as: loud neighbors, kids, back pain, or anxiety. Fortunately modern medicine has plenty of sleep remedies out there that have been proven to work. Unfortunately, these also come at the expense of some serious side effects the day after. Grogginess, dizziness, and stomach issues are just a few of these possible issues that come along with melatonin, ambien, or of course alcohol. Take it from me, I’ve dabbled with them all. 

Sleeping with the help of CBD

CBD is popularly regarded as the ultimate sleep assistant without the side effects. In fact I don’t just use it to help me sleep, I use it to restore my energy levels as well. For instance, one of my favorite times to take a couple doses is post-workout! Not only does it help ease inflammation and soreness, but it also helps me rejuvenate after kicking my own ass on a run or at the gym (remember those?) 

CBD isn’t just useful right before bed but also a great way to help organically bring on the highly coveted siesta. I’ve found that it’s an especially effective ingredient in creating the optimal power nap. A couple of a sprays of F*ck CBD along with a cup of green tea or coffee right before a quick 20-minute nap has me not only waking up more energized than I was before, but sometimes the most energized I’ve been the entire day! I cannot tell you enough how superhuman it feels to wake up after only 20 minutes of sleep, ready to do anything. This poetic blog, for example, was only able to be completed after such a rest. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! (sorry my inner Maximus from Gladiator came out post power nap again.)

No grogginess with CBD

Some sleep deprivations are more severe than others. I’m fortunate that mine doesn’t require industrial strength medicine to resolve the issue. But had I not tried experimenting with CBD as a sleep aid, I would probably be over medicating myself with melatonin pills that used to leave me feeling like a zombie the morning after (despite getting 8 hours of sleep) which defeats the purpose! Sometimes, it just takes a minor lifestyle change to help open up a world of difference. F*ck CBD has been that for me and why I can say CBD helps me sleep.


Caleb McArthurCaleb McArthur is a sommelier in the Bay Area. He’s worked in various restaurants throughout Chicago, Napa Valley and San Francisco.  In addition to trying new wines, Caleb also is an avid runner and CBD user and enjoys sharing all of these interests on Instagram @calebeso

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